how to make banana cake without oven?

how to make banana cake without oven?

how to make banana cake without oven? Banana cake is one of the most delicious and nourishing cakes that you can bake and enjoy eating. It can be said that this cake model is very popular and you can hardly find anyone who does not like the taste of banana. You can make this cake and experience a pleasant evening. Don’t worry if you don’t have an oven or microwave at home. We will tell you how to make banana cake without oven, so stay with us.

how to make banana cake?

how to make banana cake without oven?

There are different recipes to prepare this cake model, but the easiest and fastest way to prepare banana cake is the method we are going to tell you. To make banana cake with this recipe, you need the following ingredients:

Ingredients for making banana cake without oven

1 egg

A quarter of a teaspoon of vanilla

Two thirds of sugar

5 tablespoons of liquid oil

Two thirds of milk

One and a half cups of pastry flour

1 teaspoon of baking powder

Bananas as needed

4 tablespoons of brown or white sugar

Walnut kernels as needed and as desired

Butter 1 tablespoon

2 tablespoons of water

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how to make banana cake without oven?
how to make banana cake without oven?

how to make banana cake without oven steps by steps

Prepare the raw materials and continue the steps of making the banana cake as follows:

First, peel the bananas and divide them in half. Then put sugar, egg and anil in a bowl and beat it with a hand mixer until it changes color and becomes creamy.

Then prepare and add the milk and liquid oil according to the measure mentioned in the raw materials and stir until it is mixed. Now add baking powder and flour. (It is better to sift the flour twice before.) Adding the flour should be done in several steps.

Mix the cake batter with a hand mixer until the flour is completely dissolved and you have a liquid with a texture similar to thick yogurt. At this stage, you should add chopped walnut kernels and keep the mixed ingredients aside.

If you don’t like walnut kernels, you can remove it, but the combination of banana and walnut is an extremely tasty and nutritious combination.

Now put a pan on the heat of the stove until it is completely heated. It is better to use a base so that the heat is distributed and reaches everywhere. Put a butter in the pan until it melts completely, add a little brown sugar and fry it in the butter, and then arrange the rolled bananas on the bottom of the pan.

In the next step, you should pour the mixed ingredients on the bananas and smooth it with a spoon. Wrap a cloth around the lid of the pan and place it on the pan. There should be no gaps between the lid and the body of the pan, so that the heat is completely uniform and collected inside the pan and has an oven-like function.

Let the cake cook completely in the pan for half an hour. The heat of the flame should be uniform and gentle. After half an hour, open the lid of the pan and test the cake with a wooden skewer to make sure it is fully cooked.

If the cake is ready, put it back in the serving dish and decorate it with banana, cinnamon, pistachio powder and any other food you like.

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how to make banana cake without oven?
how to make banana cake without oven?

Important tips for cooking banana cake without oven

The most important points to follow when baking this cake model are:

– Be sure to use fresh and healthy ingredients.

– It is better to put the pan on the heat at the same time as preparing the cake ingredients so that it is completely heated. (Just like when you heat the oven before baking a cake.)

– Keep cooking time in mind for at least half an hour to 45 minutes and don’t remove the lid of the pan before this time.

– Make sure the cake is cooked by using a wooden skewer. When you insert the skewer into the cake batter, if the ingredients stick to it, it means that the cake is not ready yet, but if the wooden skewer comes out completely clean, it means that the cake is ready and ready to serve.

– Instead of walnuts, you can use hazelnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, etc.

– You can use chocolate, coconut powder, fresh fruits, etc. to decorate.

– If you want to have a fully puffed cake with a soft and light texture, you must sift it several times.

– The choice of the pan in which the cake is baked should be proportional to the amount of raw materials. If you choose a large container, it will prevent the cake from puffing, and a small container will make the appearance of the cake not pleasant.

– You can also use bananas in a circle on the cake.

– The amount of sweetness of the cake depends on your taste, you can increase or decrease the amount of sugar.

– You can use a small amount of vanilla to make the banana cake fragrant.

– You can also use cinnamon or ginger.

– Note that the choice of additives is largely a matter of taste and you can use different foods to prepare or decorate this cake.

– You can also prepare this delicious cake with a combination of apples and bananas.

source : Banana Cake Recipe 1402/01/16

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