how to make mochi at home?

how to make mochi?

how to make mochi at home? Mochi is one of the most delicious Japanese and Korean desserts that recently has many fans around the world. Although traditional mochi is cooked by using rice flour, mochi can also be prepared without special rice flour. If you are also interested in mochi and its taste, in this note, we have collected the important tips for preparing a delicious mochi, as well as the method of preparing mochi without an  microwave oven, preparing ice cream mochi , and important tips for preparing this delicious food.

how to make mochi at home?

Mochi; A delicious and tasty Japanese dessert

Mochi is actually a type of rice cake invented by the Japanese. Mochi has a very soft texture and is considered a chewy sweet. For those who want to make their own mochi, there are different ways to prepare this Japanese pastry. We will teach you the easiest methods:

Necessary ingredients for mochi preparation

One cup of rice flour

One third of a cup of starch

One third of a cup of sugar

One third of a cup of oil

A cup of water

Favorite fruit (apple, banana, strawberry, etc.)

how to make mochi at home?
how to make mochi at home?

How to make mochi

To prepare mochi dough, you must first put all the ingredients in a container and mix well until it is completely integrated. Now take a frying pan and empty the mixed ingredients into it. Put the pan on the gas and stir well until the ingredients become thick and hard.

When the concentration of the ingredients is enough, let it cool completely. After cooling, you should Knead it well to make it smooth and integrated. Take a small piece of material, open it completely and put a piece of fruit inside. The dough should be enough to completely cover the fruit.

You can use two different colors of dough to make mochi more beautiful. It is possible to color the dough using cocoa powder or food color. Use one color of paste on the bottom of the fruit and another color to cover the top of the fruit. When you prepare mochi, you must consume it immediately or put it in a suitable container with a lid in the refrigerator so that it does not dry and harden. You can increase the amount of butter or oil to make mochi softer.

This model is cooking mochi without using an oven. If you want to make mochi in the oven, you should put the container in the oven when you heat the ingredients to thicken. However, this delicious dish can be prepared without an oven.

how to make mochi with Chocolate

Chocolate mochi is one of the most delicious types of mochi. Of course, kids love chocolate mochi. To prepare this mochi model, you need these materials:

Ingredients for chocolate mochi

200 grams of rice flour

Half a pint of corn starch

Sugar 500 grams

One teaspoon of cocoa powder

 chocolate Bar 100 grams

1 glass of water

How to make mochi + chocolate

Mix rice flour and sugar together and add water little by little to obtain a homogeneous doughy solution. Now put the ingredients in the oven and close the lid and leave it exposed to gentle heat for 10 minutes.

When the dough is completely ready, cover it with corn flour and Knead well until the dough gets a soft and gelatinous texture.

At this stage, you should add the melted chocolate to the ingredients. Mix well until smooth. Take a small amount of the dough, make it into small balls and fill it with chocolate.

To make mochi tastier, you can use pieces of nutty chocolate. Leave the prepared mochi in a container to cool completely and then decorate it with cocoa powder.

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how to make mochi?
how to make mochi?

How to make ice cream mochi ?

All kinds of mochi are delicious, but there is no one who dislikes the combination of ice cream and mochi. ice cream  Mochi also has a preparation method completely similar to mochi and there is only a slight difference in some parts of its preparation.

Necessary ingredients for making ice cream mochi

     Glutinous rice flour 3/4 cups

     3/4 cup water

     Powdered sugar 1/4 cup

     Corn starch 1/2 cup

     Ice cream as much as needed for inside mochis

How to make ice cream mochi

Divide your favorite ice cream into small balls and put them in a cupcake mold and put them in the freezer for an hour.

Once the ice cream balls are completely frozen, you need to prepare the  mochi dough. Pour glutinous rice flour, sugar and water into a bowl and mix thoroughly.

– The mixture should be completely soft and not lumpy. Now cover it and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Stir the mixture constantly with a spoon and put it back in the microwave until the mixture becomes elastic and sticky.

Cover a flat surface with rice flour and spread the dough on it and Knead.

Cut the dough into large circles and let it cool, remove the ice cream balls from the freezer and place each ball in the center of a circle of dough. Raise the side of the dough and cover the ice cream completely. You should put the prepared mochi in the freezer again until it is completely ready.

How to make mochi + Golden tips

Golden tips for preparing a unique mochi

– If you want your mochi to be very tasty and similar to traditional Japanese mochi, you should use evaporated milk. To prepare evaporated milk, put two glasses of milk on indirect heat until one glass is completely evaporated.

– To prepare colored mochi, you can add food coloring to the dough or use natural ingredients such as fruit juices.

– If you like the taste of your mochi to be sweeter, you can use powdered sugar.

– To prepare mochi, you must use special rice flour (glutinous). If you don’t have this flour available, you can use a combination of regular rice flour and corn starch.

– Mochi can be prepared with various combinations of fruits, chocolate, nuts, etc. You can enjoy this dessert with tea or alone.

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