how to make tiramisu?

how to make tiramisu?

how to make tiramisu? Tiramisu is a delicious and famous international dessert from Italy. In the original recipe, this delicious dessert is prepared using cream, biscuits and wine. But there is also a recipe for tiramisu without alcohol for those who prefer a simpler dessert. There are many ways to make tiramisu and almost everyone with any taste can prepare this dessert according to their taste. In this note, we discuss different recipies tiramisu without eggs, how to make  tiramisu without alcohol, how to make authentic Italian tiramisu, how to make  tiramisu without lady fingers and the golden tips of preparing this delicious Dessert.

how to make tiramisu?

How to make tiramisu + easy recipe

Tiramisu can be prepared quite simply. To prepare a delicious and simple tiramisu, you need the following ingredients:

 ingredients for making simple tiramisu

1 cup of espresso coffee

Lady Finger Biscuits 1 pack

Half a tablespoon of cocoa powder

3 egg yolks

Mascarpone cheese 150 grams

Cream 200 grams

100 grams of sugar

how to make tiramisu?
how to make tiramisu?

How to prepare tiramisu latte

First, break the eggs and separate the yolks and whites. Put each one in a separate container and mix the yolk well with an electric mixer to create a thick, creamy liquid. Add the sugar and mix until the sugar dissolves completely, then add the mascarpone cheese to the mixture and mix until a smooth mixture is created.

Stir the cream in a separate container and continue until the cream becomes thick and light.

Now you have to add the whipped cream to the rest of the mixture and mix the ingredients slowly with the help of a spoon.

In another container, mix the egg whites with a mixer. This mixture should be mixed enough to get a completely light, voluminous and white texture. Then add it to the other ingredients and mix gently.

Now prepare the coffee and let it cool completely. The coffee must be completely cold so as not to crush the biscuits. Put the lady finger biscuits in the coffee (if you want make  tiramisu without lady fingers, add another suitable biscuit. Petite Bourbon biscuits are a good option)

Put the biscuits dipped in coffee in a suitable container, pour the mixture you have prepared on the biscuits and sprinkle some cocoa powder on it. Place the second layer of biscuits and add the mixture again.

The number of tiramisu layers will depend on the amount of ingredients you use.

Cover the biscuits completely and close the lid of the container and place it in the refrigerator. This dessert should stay in the refrigerator for about 6 hours. If you want a more consistent tiramisu, you should let the mixture stay longer in the refrigerator.

After enough time, you can put the tiramisu in a serving dish and decorate it.

How to make tiramisu without mascarpone

The best cheese for making tiramisu is mascarpone cheese, but if this cheese is not available, you can use any other cream cheese. If the cream cheese has salt, you should soak it in cold water to remove the salty taste.

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How to make Italian tiramisu

This tiramisu  is prepared without alcohol and eggs. The preparation steps of this tiramisu  will be easier and faster. To prepare this tiramisu model, you must follow the following steps:

– First, pour the cream cheese and powdered sugar into a container and mix well with a mixer until it becomes thick and soft. You can also use sweet pastry cream to make a thicker cream.

– After this step, you should put the mixture in the refrigerator and wait for 2 hours.

– Mix instant coffee, hot water and stir. Allow the mixture to cool and then place the biscuits inside.

– Transfer the biscuits from inside the coffee to a special container and pour the prepared ingredients on it and strain. Then put the other layer and add the ingredients again. Repeat this layer by layer until there are no more biscuits left.

– Cover the container and put it in the refrigerator for more than 6 hours. Then transfer the tiramisu to the desired container and decorate it.

how to make tiramisu with cake

The way to prepare tiramisu with cake is quite similar to the ones we mentioned above, with the difference that instead of using lady finger biscuits or petit-bores, we use cake with the desired flavor.

how to make tiramisu?
how to make tiramisu?

Golden tips for making tiramisu

– There are different recipies to make tiramisu. You can make tiramisu using cake or biscuits.

– In the main recipie of making tiramisu, wine is used instead of coffee latte. But you can use all kinds of drinks instead of wine and alcohol.

– Tiramisu can be made in layers in a glass and move the glasses to the refrigerator until the dessert is ready. It will not bother cutting and each person can have a dessert glass for themselves.

– Sliced fruits such as bananas, apples, strawberries, etc. can be used in different layers of tiramisu.

– It is possible to remove the egg in the tiramisu recipe, you just have to use more pastry cream or cream cheese to make the ingredients more voluminous.

– You can use breakfast cream with powdered sugar instead of cream cheese.

– You can use fruit slices along with chocolate to decorate tiramisu.

– Do not use sponge cakes to make tiramisu cake because it makes the dessert doughy.

– The traditional biscuit to use in preparing tiramisu in the Italian recipie is the Lady Finger  but other biscuits can also be used.

– Use the right container to prepare tiramisu so that the appearance of the dessert is not damaged when emptying it.

– Never use hot coffee because hot coffee will crush the biscuits. You should let the coffee cool completely or lukewarm before you start.

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