how to make cookies?

how to make cookies?

Undoubtedly, cookies are one of the most delicious sweets nowadays, especially with tea or milk as an evening meal, it has a very pleasant and memorable taste. Cookies are cooked either plain or with filling, which has many benefits and is considered a suitable food in terms of nutritional value. Cookies have a more consistent texture and less sweetness than cakes. In the following, we give you the recipe of several types of cookies and the important tips for cooking delicious and soft cookies. So if you don’t know how to make cookies softer or how to make¬† cookies without egg, stay with us until the end.

how to make cookies?

How to make cookies?

This cookie model is made at home with simple and available ingredients, so if you want to learn how to make cookies at home, this recipe is for you. To prepare these homemade cookies, you need the following ingredients:

450 grams of flour

25 grams of sugar

A quarter of a teaspoon of vanilla

250 ml lukewarm milk

Instant dough 6 grams of yeast

Sesame as needed

Brewed saffron in the required amount

1 egg

110 grams of liquid oil

This cookie has a filling and the ingredients inside are:

Walnuts 150 grams

Cinnamon 1/2 tsp

Ginger 1/2 tsp

Dates 250 grams

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How to make cookies
How to make cookies

How to make cookies at home

First, mix the yeast with a little milk and sugar and give it ten minutes until the yeast is completely ready. After the yeast dough is ready, add the rest of the sugar along with oil and vanilla to the dough. Mix all the ingredients well and add the flour gradually. While adding the flour, stir the mixture continuously until it is completely uniform and the dough becomes soft. At this stage, the dough should not stick to the hands.

After the dough is ready, cover it for half an hour and place it in a relatively warm place until its volume doubles.

During this time, you can prepare the ingredients for the cookies. To do this, take the core of the dates, pealing date off, put the dates in a pan and roast them until they are soft. Crush the dates and combine with chopped walnuts, cinnamon and ginger.

Take about 50 grams of the dough each time, shape it with your hands and put some of the middle ingredients in the middle and make a small ball. Put the dough balls in the tray and spread it by putting a little pressure on the dough.

How to make cookies at home
How to make cookies at home

Mix an egg yolk with a little saffron, a little sugar and a spoonful of milk and apply these ingredients on the cookies with the help of a brush.

You can decorate the top of the cookies with sesame seeds or a little chocolate. Preheat the oven and place the cookie tray in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 20 to 25 minutes.

Your cookies are ready and you can enjoy eating them. These cookies are prepared without eggs and electric mixer.

How to make softer cookies?

Although baking cookies is apparently easy, but there are certain techniques that if not followed, the taste and texture of your cookies will certainly not be very pleasant. The most important points that you must follow to have delicious and perfect cookies are:

A cookie is actually a small and flat cake that if it is not cooked at the right temperature, its texture will not be very interesting. If the temperature is too low, the cookies will be too soft and mushy, and if they are overcooked, they will be too toasty and hard.

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Duration of staying in it

If the cookies stay in the oven for too long, they will become hard and stiff, so the best time to remove the cookies from the oven is when the sides are golden and the middle is a little soft.

the Flour amount

The amount of flour is very important in determining the texture of the cookie. If there is too much flour, the cookies will be hard. It is better to be very precise and sensitive to measure the flour.

Choice of sweetener

Many sweeteners such as brown sugar,  white sugar, honey, corn syrup, etc. are used in making cookies. Choosing the type of material will play an important role in the appearance of the cookie and of course its taste. Using white sugar can give you crispier cookies. But using brown sugar or honey seems healthier.

If you want to have thick and soft cookies, you should put the ready cookie dough in the refrigerator.

How to make cookies at home
How to make cookies at home

Packaging cookies

The cookie has a soft texture, but it dries and hardens quickly in the air. It is better to use containers with suitable lids to store cookies. It is better to put the cookies in the container when they are completely cooled. To keep the cookies soft and moist, put an apple slice next to them and then close the lid.

– If you want to have soft and delicious cookies, be sure to use fresh ingredients, especially if the yeast is completely fresh. Otherwise, the cookies will not rise.

– You can use ready-made molds in the shape of flowers, stars, hearts, etc. to make the cookies more beautiful during preparation.

– Cookies can be made without yeast, in this method sweet yogurt and a little baking powder are used instead of yeast.

– Decorating cookies makes their appearance much more beautiful, you can use all kinds of nuts, sesame, coconut powder, cinnamon, etc. to decorate cookies.

– Whether to make filling cookies or simple cookies depends on your taste. Of course, cookies with fillings have a better taste.

– You can’t make delicious cookies without eggs, so we recommend not to think about removing eggs.

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