how to make ghormeh sabzi

how to make ghormeh sabzi?

ghormeh sabzi stew is one of the original, delicious and popular Iranian dishes. ghormeh sabzi stew is not only popular among Iranians but also many foreigners. how to make ghormeh sabzi? In different parts of Iran, ghormeh sabzi is cooked in different styles and methods, and this issue has made us in Iran to have different types of ghormeh sabzi, Gilani ghormeh sabzi, southern ghormeh sabzi, and Turkish or Tabrizi ghormeh sabzi stew. We have prepared the best recipe for making ghormeh sabzi for you.

How to make ghormeh sabzi?

How to make ghormeh sabzi?

ghormeh sabzi is an authentic and traditional Iranian stew that uses vegetables, legumes, red meat and various spices. The taste and aroma of this stew is unique and you only need to make it once to fall in love with it.

To make ghormeh sabzi stew, you must first prepare special vegetables for this dish, which include: leek, parsley, coriander and fenugreek. These vegetables should be completely chopped and fried with plenty of oil until they change color and become completely dark.

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how to make ghormeh sabzi
how to make ghormeh sabzi?

Ingredients needed to make vegetable paste

300 grams of stewed meat

500 grams of stewed vegetables

Red beans or pinto beans 150 grams

1 large onion

4 Omani lemons

Liquid oil as needed

Salt and black pepper as needed

Orange juice, water and turmeric as needed

how to make ghormeh sabzi
how to make ghormeh sabzi?

how to make ghormeh sabzi?(Step by step)

In order to have an excellent and perfect ghormeh sabzi, you must first soak the beans. In order to remove the swelling of the beans, you should put the red beans in a bowl of water the night before. This will make the beans softer and easier to cook. You can change the bean water two to three times.

In the first step of making ghormeh sabzi, you should chop the onion into small cubes and fry it with some oil in a pot suitable for stewing. Add a little turmeric and black pepper to the onions and continue to stir the onions until the flavor of the spices fully affects the onions.

After going through the previous step, you should prepare the meats. Wash the meat clean and cut into large cubes and add to the onions. Fry the meat with onions and spices.

If you already have vegetables for ghormeh sabzi, you should add them at this stage. Otherwise, prepare the vegetables according to what we mentioned in the introduction of this section and add them to the ingredients and stir this mixture with very low heat and fry again. .

Add red beans along with the right amount of water, add spices such as Omani lemon, watercress and a little orange juice, close the lid of the pot and let the contents of the pot cook well for 2 hours.

It is better to add salt to the stew at the last stage of cooking because salt makes meat and beans take longer to cook. So cook them first and then add salt.

how to make ghormeh sabzi
how to make ghormeh sabzi

At the final stage, remove the lid of the pot and test some of the stew, if you feel the need to add seasoning or spices, do so. Otherwise, reduce the heat very much and let your stew cook for at least half an hour and a dark colored oil forms on it.

Now the ghormeh sabzi stew is ready. Empty it in a suitable container and serve it with rice.

The important points of making ghormeh sabzi

Although Iranian ghormeh sabzi apparently has a simple recipe, not everyone can cook it really deliciously. In order to have an excellent and delicious ghormeh sabzi, you need to follow the important and golden tips of making vegetable korma. These points include:

  • It is better to soak the beans beforehand.
  • Frying the vegetables for this stew should be done with very mild heat and suitable oil and for a long time. The color of the vegetables should be completely dark green.

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Other tips on how to prepare ghormeh sabzi

  • It is obligatory to use Omani lemon in traditional recipes of making ghormeh sabzi. It is better to use dry Omani lemons without peel and core. Otherwise, be sure to cut the Omani lemon in half to release its flavor in the stew.
  • The ghormeh sabzi stew becomes aromatic and delicious when it is heated with a gentle heat for a sufficient period of time and a dark colored oil forms on it. In addition, the stew should be completely thick and there should not be too much water in it.
  • ghormeh sabzi stew should be slightly sour in terms of taste. For this reason, it is necessary to use sour seasonings such as watercress, lemon juice, orange juice, etc. depending on your taste.
  • In order for the meat and beans to be well cooked and soft, it is better to add salt to the stew at the last stage.
  • In traditional methods, ghormeh sabzi stew should be cooked for a long time at low heat to make it full of flavor and taste. But you can also use a pressure cooker to cook it earlier.
  • The amount of vegetables used in special ghorme vegetables should be observed.  vegetables should be finely chopped and the amount of fenugreek should be proportionate. If there is little fenugreek, the stew will not taste good, and if there is too much, the stew will taste bitter.
  • The best beans for making ghormeh sabzi in the traditional recepies are red beans, but in some methods, pinto beans are also used to prepare this stew.
  • It is better to use mutton to make a flavorful and delicious vegetable curry.
  • After the meat and beans are fully cooked, you can add a few pieces of ice to the stew in order to remove the vegetable oil completely. This creates a shock in the stewed ingredients and helps to release the dark and excess oils, and finally you will have a more colorful green curry.

source : ghormeh sabzi recipe 1403/01/27

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