How to make yogurt

How to make yogurt?

There are different ways to prepare yogurt. Yogurt is one of the most nutritious foods that is used with the main food or is used in the preparation of different foods. In this note, we discuss how to make yogurt at home, how to make yogurt without yogurt,how  to make yogurt from raw milk.

How to make yogurt?

How to make homemade yogurt

You need milk in different ways to make yogurt. The use of additional ingredients such as starch, yogurt, milk powder, etc. allows you to prepare different yogurts.

How to make yogurt at home?

To prepare yogurt, you must first boil the milk and let it boil for more than 15 minutes. (Especially if you are making yogurt from raw milk, the process of boiling the milk must be done completely) The milk must be boiled enough to evaporate the excess water.

After boiling the milk, pour it into the container in which you want to prepare the yogurt and let the milk cool down a little. When you want to add yogurt to milk, the heat of the milk should be enough to feel it, but not to burn your finger.

In a bowl, mix a little milk with a bowl of yogurt. After the mixture is well mixed, add it to the rest of the milk and stir with a spoon until it is well mixed.

Close the lid of the container and wrap it in a towel in a warm environment. Depending on the temperature of the environment, it takes between 5 and 8 hours to prepare yogurt. When the yogurt is thick enough, you have to put it in the fridge to harden completely.

How to make sour yogurt

If you want to use yogurt to prepare buttermilk or dishes such as soup, you must make sour yogurt. To make the yogurt completely sour, you can use sour yogurt to prepare it. In addition, the environment in which you put the yogurt container should also be warm.

How to prepare traditional yogurt with raw milk

You need fresh milk and a little yogurt to prepare various types of yogurt. To prepare traditional yogurt with raw milk, you must first boil the raw milk for more than 20 minutes. To prepare this yogurt model, you need the following raw materials:

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How to make yogurt
How to make yogurt

Ingredients for making homemade yogurt

Milk with medium fat (it is better to have about two percent fat) one and a half liters

Fresh plain yogurt (two to three tablespoons of yogurt are enough for each liter of milk) one cup

Preparation: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Total cooking time: 20 minutes

To make yogurt, you must have a small amount of yogurt so that the milk sugar fermentation process takes place with it. First, you need to boil the milk until its water evaporates. While boiling the milk, you must stir it constantly so that the milk does not overflow from the container. When the milk is completely boiled, keep it aside until it becomes lukewarm. It is better for the temperature of the milk to be between 44 and 46 degrees Celsius. You should constantly stir the milk while it is boiling to prevent the milk from overflowing and settling.

The temperature of the milk should be such that it does not burn the hand, but its heat can be felt. Mix a cup of yogurt that you have left at room temperature with a little milk and add it to the rest of the milk. Stir the mixture constantly until it is completely uniform. Now close the lid of the container and put it in a warm place. It is better if the temperature of the environment in which the yogurt is prepared is 44 degrees, then the yogurt will be completely firm and delicious. The longer it takes to cool the yogurt, the more sour the yogurt will be.

how to make yogurt without starter

As we said, we need yogurt or starter to prepare yogurt. But there are ways to prepare yogurt without yogurt and starter. We will discuss these methods below.

Using corn starch powder

In this method, when you have boiled the milk at the right temperature for 20 minutes and cooled it, take the size of two glasses of milk. Add two spoons of corn starch little by little to this milk and stir until it dissolves well. Add this mixture to the bowl of lukewarm milk and stir. When it is completely dissolved, keep it in a warm place for 24 hours until the yogurt hardens completely.

How to make yogurt
How to make yogurt

Using cheese to make yogurt

This method is also very interesting and surprising. Using cheese gives a good texture and taste to yogurt. The lactic acid in the cheese makes the yogurt not too sour. In this method, after boiling and warming the milk, knead 2 tablespoons of cheese with a fork for every 1 liter of milk. Dissolve the softened cheese in a glass of good milk and add the mixture to the whole milk and stir until well mixed. Cover the container with a warm blanket and keep it in a warm place for 12 hours.

Using sour cream to make yogurt

High-fat sour cream is another ingredient that can be used instead of starter or yogurt in making yogurt. To prepare yogurt with this method, you should mix sour cream with lukewarm milk and stir well, and then add it to lukewarm boiled milk. For every one liter of milk, you should use half a glass of sour cream.

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Golden tips for making yogurt at home

– To prepare yogurt, you must boil the milk well and let the temperature of the milk decrease. When the milk is warm enough to not burn your hand, but you can feel its warmth with your finger, it is the best time to start making yogurt.

– The more milk water evaporates, the firmer the yogurt will be.

– You can have much thicker yogurt by using milk powder or starch.

– In order for yogurt to thicken and harden well, it must be kept at the right temperature. For this, you can use a warm blanket and place the container of yogurt inside it near the stove or heater.

– Homemade yogurt has a shorter expired date than pasteurized yogurt because it does not have additives and preservatives. This yogurt should be used within 10 days.

Source : Creamy Homemade Yogurt

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