how to make pancakes?

how to make pancakes?

Pancake is one of the most popular sweets in the world, which is included in the category of cakes. This delicious food can be used as a snack or dessert, some prefer to prepare and serve pancakes as breakfast. How to make pancakes? The answer to this question is very simple. Pancakes have many different cooking recepies and can be used alone with honey, jam, etc. In many countries of the world, pancakes are prepared in different ways, but the common thing of all pancakes around the world is their popularity.

how to make pancakes?

How to make pancakes simple and easy

Pancake is one of the popular and lovely sweets that is made very quickly and easily and does not require many raw materials. Most of us know pancakes as a delicious and pleasant breakfast, but this sweet can also be considered as a lovely snack. The basic ingredients for making pancakes are:


A tablespoon of sugar

Salt 1/4 teaspoon

Baking powder 1 teaspoon

A teaspoon of vanilla

One egg

One tablespoon of liquid oil

A glass of milk

One and a half cups of white flour

Kiwi, banana, strawberry for decoration

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how to make pancakes at home?

How to make pancakes?

To make a perfect pancake, you must first break the egg in a bowl and then start mixing it with a fork or a hand mixer until the egg turns into a smooth mixture.

Now add sugar, salt and vanilla to the egg and mix again. Add a glass of milk and stir the mixture very well with a mixer.

Now it’s time to add the flour. Sift the flour twice and then add to the ingredients. Stir the mixture very slowly to avoid lumps. When the ingredients are well combined, add the baking powder to the ingredients.

Add liquid oil and keep stirring the mixture. When the pancake ingredients reach the right consistency, put the mixture in the environment for about ten minutes.

Using a ladle or funnel, pour the pancake batter into the hot pan. Try to keep the round and smooth shape of the liquid in the pan.

When small bubbles appear on the pancake, you should turn the pancake so that the other side is also cooked well. Note that the pancake will cook very quickly and you should not let the pancakes burn.

When all the pancakes are ready you can decorate the pancakes using melted chocolate, kiwi, banana, strawberry and whatever you like. Honey, jam and butter are among the delicious ingredients that can be used in serving pancakes.

Important points in cooking pancakes

Although pancakes are prepared very quickly, simply and easily, there are some tips in its preparation that if you don’t follow, you won’t have delicious pancakes. The most important points that can be mentioned are:

– The concentration of pancake liquid should be such that when some of the liquid is removed with a ladle, it maintains its elasticity and the liquid terms are not cut.

– The heat of the gas flame has a great effect on the quality of the pancake. It is better to test a few small samples of the pancake first to reach the desired temperature. It is better to have a gentle heat.

– Use pans for cooking pancakes that have a thick bottom, in this way, a lot of heat is not transferred to the pancake.

– The use of milk in making pancakes is optional and can be replaced with water. Using milk makes the pancake more delicious and tender, and also softens the texture of the pancake and prevents it from drying out.

– Only grease the bottom of the pan for cooking the first pancake, and you don’t need to do this for the next time.

– You can make flavored pancakes by adding the juice of various fruits, including apples, oranges, etc., along with milk.

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how to make pancakes?

How to make pancakes without milk

Milk is usually used in cooking pancakes, but if you don’t like the taste of milk or are allergic to it, you can remove the milk and make pancakes without milk. In preparing pancakes without milk, the same basic ingredients as simple pancakes are used, but instead of milk, use the same amount of water.

How to make fruit pancakes

Fruit puree or pieces of fruits such as bananas, strawberries, apples, oranges, etc. can also be used in the making of pancakes. You can also add some Nutella to the ingredients to make a very delicious fruit and chocolate pancake.

How to make nutty pancakes

Pancakes should be tender, soft and delicious. Many ingredients can be added to the pancake recipe. One of the most delicious pancakes worth trying is the nutty pancake.

The steps of preparing nutella chocolate nut pancakes

To prepare this pancake, you need two eggs, vanilla, sugar, cream, flour and baking powder. First, put eggs, vanilla and sugar in a bowl and mix well with a mixer until it becomes creamy and elastic. Then add the milk to the breakfast cream and mix the ingredients with a slow mixer. Sift the flour and baking powder and add to the ingredients. Mix the ingredients thoroughly with a mixer and start pouring the pancake batter into the pan with a ladle.

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How to make Japanese fluffy pancakes?

In order for the pancakes to be puffy, you need to separate the egg whites and yolks and mix each one separately. In this way, the volume of the egg white is doubled and it becomes completely white. Then add sugar and vanilla and stir until it becomes completely fluffy. Then add lukewarm milk to the beaten egg yolks and mix the flour, cornstarch and baking powder at the same time.

Add the beaten egg white to the ingredients and mix very slowly. Pour the prepared ingredients into the pan in appropriate sizes and start cooking the pancakes.

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