how to make gheymeh?

how to make gheymeh?

gheymeh is one of the traditional and popular Iranian dishes, which has various recipes all over Iran. This stew is prepared based on meat and beans. meat used in making gheymeh are cobs and generally Lamb meat. This fragrant and tasty stew is one of the main options in preparing food for parties and ceremonies. If you want to know how to make gheymeh, stay with us until the end. We have prepared one of the best and most delicious recipes to make gheymeh for you.

how to make gheymeh?

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Making gheymeh stew with red or white meat?

As we said, gheymeh stew is traditionally prepared with red meat, but for those who cannot use red meat for any reason, it is possible to use white meat (chicken or turkey).

how to make gheymeh?
how to make gheymeh?

How to make gheymeh?

Stew is a food that must be prepared with fresh and organic raw materials so that it has a good taste and aroma. On the other hand, there are different recipes for making gheymeh stew.  gheymeh Stew can be prepared using both eggplant and french fries. The necessary ingredients for making gheymeh in the traditional way are:


  • 300 grams of stewed meat
  • Cobs 150 grams
  • 2 medium onions
  • 2 medium potatoes
  • Tomato puree 2 cups
  • 4 Omani lemons
  • Turmeric and enough oil
  • Enough salt and black pepper
  • Brewed saffron 1 tablespoon
how to make gheymeh?
how to make gheymeh?

how to make gheymeh stew

To make gheymeh stew in the traditional way, first you have to soak the cobs in water for a long time. (It is better to do this the night before) This will help to remove the swelling of the beans and reduce the cooking time and make them softer.

First, cut two onions into small cubes. Pour the right amount of liquid oil in the pot and fry the onions until they become transparent and soft. Add a little turmeric to the onions and stir until it is completely colored.

At this point, you should add the meat. Meats should be cut into large cubes. You can use lamb, veal or even pieces of chicken and turkey. Stir the meats together with the onions until they are slightly fried. This should be done until the meat changes color. This will help the stew taste more pleasant. Roasting the meat too much will make the meat have a tougher texture and not be very tasty.

After the meats are roasted enough, you should add the tomato puree to the stew. Fry the mixture completely in oil until it turns dark. This helps the taste of the stew to be better, while also making the color of the stew more beautiful.

Add the cobs at this stage and fry a little . Add 4 glasses of water to the pot and increase the heat until the water boils, after the water boils, reduce the heat and close the lid of the pot until the contents cook well for about 2 hours.

Now it’s time to cut the Omani lemon in half and remove the seeds. Be sure to remove the lemon seeds so that the taste of your stew is not bitter. You can use fresh lemon juice instead of Omani lemon to make the stew taste sour.

Prepare some saffron and add it to the stew along with salt and black pepper. You can also add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the stew. Cinnamon makes the taste of gheymeh stew unique.

In the last step, you can peel potatoes or eggplants and roast them to be served next to the gheymeh stew. Potatoes should be cut into wedges.

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Golden tips for making gheymeh stew

  • Fresh raw materials should be used to prepare ghee stew so that it has a good aroma and taste.
  • The gheymeh stew should have a little water, so you should not allow the stew to be too hard or too watery.
  • Use saffron to make the ghee stew fragrant and colorful.
  • If you use cinnamon, we recommend that add cinnamon to the stew at the end. Adding cinnamon at the beginning of the cooking process makes the gheymeh stew get an unpleasant dark color.
  • If you use an Omani lemon, be sure to remove its seeds and peel it to prevent the taste of the stew from becoming bitter.

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  • It is better to use mutton in the preparation of gheymeh stew, but if necessary, you can also use veal or even chicken.
  • If you want your gheymeh stew to be fragrant and colorful, you should first fry all the ingredients in the order mentioned in the recipe with the right amount of oil. Roasting the ingredients gives them a very pleasant aroma and taste.
  • The potatoes or eggplants that you prepare for the serving plates of gheymeh should be the same size to have a more attractive appearance.
  • The amount of water you use for gheymeh stew will have an effective role in the appearance of the stew as well as its taste. The amount of water should not be too much or too little.
  • In some recipes, plums are used to sour the gheymeh stew. This type of stew is also very tasty.
  • In other recipes, they use minced meat instead of cubed red meat. In this recipe, minced meat is prepared in the form of small balls. This is the fastest way to make gheymeh .

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